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Ooft Industries

Rocker Switch Panel

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This 12V Switch Panel features Rocker Switches, Dual USB Charger & Voltmeter. The panel is made of high-quality ABS material It will work on most 4x4. The panel is waterproof and the charger ports come with a rubber seal cap to keep it water-tight. 


This Panel comes with all wires connected, they are not supposed to be pulled out. Any damage caused by dismantling the switch or pulling out wires WILL NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY.

Rocker Switch

  • Loop Circuit: ON-OFF
  • Maximum power: 240W
  • Input voltage: DC12V / 24V
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Operating Temperature:-25℃-80℃
  • Led Light: Blue 

Dual USB Port

  • Working voltage:12-24V
  • Output current:3.1A
  • Output voltage:5V
  • LED Light: Blue


  • Measuring DC voltage, with anti-reverse, short circuit protection
  • The DC voltmeter range 12-24V has a reverse polarity protection function
  • Used to monitor the battery voltage and battery voltage state
  • This will help the users to monitor and maintain the battery health
  • Proper maintenance will extend and protect the battery and engine life


  • Panel Material High-quality ABS
  • 12V/24V Switching System
  • Blue LED water-resistant enclosed Rocker switch 
  • USB Charger Output 5V 2.1A DC + 5V 1A DC Rating DC 12V 20A/24V 10A
  • Operating Temperature -25 degrees to 80 degrees 
  • Electrical Life 10000 make and break cycles at full load


  • 2 Gang  7.62cm x 6.8cm
  • 3 Gang 9.78cm x 6.8cm
  • 4 Gang 12.7cm x 6.8cm
  • 5 Gang 15.4cm x 6.8cm
  • 6 Gang 17.98cm x 6.8cm
  • 8 Gang 23cm x 6.8cm